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Help Us Raise Money to Complete the Millbrae Recreation Center  

On the morning of July 21st, 2016, a fire tragically ripped through Millbrae’s beloved Recreation Center, burning it to the ground. We as a community now have a unique opportunity to rebuild our Recreation Center to fulfill both today’s needs and tomorrow’s vision.  

Reasons We Need Support 

Our new facility will create a beautiful space to nurture every Millbrae resident- providing a safe and healthy space for our seniors, youth, and families, as well as providing a desperately needed preschool for the community. Construction is already underway, and the new center is anticipated to open in Spring 2022.  


While the city has made a heroic effort to secure $30 million in funds to build the structure, we are still in need of additional financial resources to bring this vital facility to life for everyone who enters its doors. An additional $1.75 million is needed to purchase furnishings, fixtures, and equipment, including electrical systems, such as security, audio/visual, phone and data systems, as well as public art and landscaping. This is a team effort – we need your help now to reach our fundraising goal and giving Millbrae back its beloved Recreation Center. 


Millbrae’s new Recreation Center: Transforming Loss into Renewal 

Providing for the interim: After the fire, the first steps to recovery began immediately with the installation of a temporary recreation center in a modular structure adjacent to Millbrae’s City Hall. Insurance claims were settled, and what remained of the burned structure was demolished. 


Community input in design: The City Council engaged Group 4 Architecture, which gathered inclusive public input through more than 25 meetings, presentations, town halls, and surveys and provided a comprehensive report together with recommendations offered by City Council, the Parks and Recreation Commission, the Project Advisory Committee, staff, and the consultant team.  


The approved 24,000 square foot facility includes a fitness and wellness studio, two preschool classrooms, an art classroom, a senior lounge, a teen/youth game room, large and small flexible classrooms, a large community room, and multiple social gathering areas. New outdoor recreation amenities within the Recreation Center site will include a community room patio, a preschool play yard, and a fitness patio. A central paseo and public gathering space will connect the new building and outdoor amenities to the rest of Central Park. These spaces will support a full spectrum of diverse programming now and well into the future for our Millbrae community. 


Moving to the build: To keep the project cost efficient, the City awarded a contract in June 2020 to a design-build team of Blach Construction + ELS Architecture. Both are award-winning companies that are highly regarded throughout the Bay Area for quality design, craftsmanship, effective cost control, environmental sustainability, and a collaborative approach that is responsive to the community. 

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Support Us

Our donors will provide essential elements for a well working and safe Recreation Center, and simultaneously help make the new center warm, inviting, and comfortable through thoughtfully chosen furniture and equipment. The interior spaces, capturing the spirit of Millbrae, will inspire all visitors with an uplifting experience to be enjoyed and remembered. 


Our donors will help us finish this central community resource that will be part of our community for generations to come. Generations of children having their first day at preschool, generations of youth and young adults learning art, athletics and community involvement, generations of our family’s celebrating life-events such as weddings, graduations and family and community ceremonies in the grand room, generations of our seniors with a place to go for social opportunities and ways to keep them meaningfully involved and active in our community.  


Won’t you consider investing in the future of our community? Please join in sharing our vision of a Millbrae where recreational opportunities abound and all residents participate in making our city an incredible place to live, work, and play. 

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An abundance of benefits for the community 

The Millbrae residents and surrounding community will enjoy an array of programs and spaces both inside and outdoors, including: 


  • cultural and educational programs for all ages, from preschool to seniors, including cooking classes, music lessons, and movie nights for the whole family; 

  • sports and fitness activities such as yoga, dance classes, fitness classes, and more; 

  • a quiet, dedicated place for seniors to enjoy the social and physical activities that keep them healthy, including aerobics, painting, quilting, Tai Chi, Mahjong, and opportunities for intergenerational fun and learning; 

  • youth learning and social engagement in the form of essential preschool programs and after-school tutoring and classes (especially for middle-school students) and safe places where teens can socialize and children and families can play after school and on weekends; 

  • city-hosted public events that celebrate our city, its neighborhoods, and the diversity of our cultures; 

  • flexible space for recreational programs that can also be used by community groups for their meetings and programs or rented by community members; 

  • an environmentally responsible building and grounds that will serve as a model for climate change adaptation, resilience, and environmental stewardship, utilizing green building construction with zero-net energy (ZNE) consumption. 

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For donation of $5,000 or more, please send check directly to the 

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